Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

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Corrective jaw surgery

Corrective jaw surgery fixes skeletal discrepancies in the upper and lower jaws. Sometimes, these abnormalities can cause difficulty with normal functions, including chewing and speaking. Orthognathic surgery in conjunction with comprehensive orthodontic treatment can correct these problems while improving overall facial aesthetics. Fishbein Orthodontics treats patients requiring jaw surgery, also referred to as orthognathic surgery. Dr. Ben Fishbein has treated many patients who have benefited greatly from having an orthognathic surgical procedure done.

When is jaw surgery necessary?

Orthognathic surgery is not always required when there is an underlying skeletal discrepancy. Oftentimes, orthodontic treatment alone (without surgery) can improve slight skeletal discrepancies. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Fishbein will determine if you are a candidate for orthognathic surgery, or if your case can be treated with orthodontic treatment.

Fishbein Orthodontics offers the latest in orthodontic technology that can demonstrate the functional and aesthetic benefits of corrective jaw surgery. Advances in technology have allowed reduced post-surgical recovery times, allowing patients to get back to their normal routines shortly after their surgical procedure is completed.

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