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Mia’s experience at Fishbein Orthodontics

I would highly recommend Fishbein Orthodontics to anyone! We researched different orthodontists in my area, and Fishbein Orthodontics was the best option.

Mia T.

Bobby’s experience at Fishbein Orthodontics

Had a great experience at Fishbein Orthodontics. I love smiling now. Always enjoyed coming in for my appointments and getting to talk to the staff and Dr. Ben.

Bobby V.

Isabella’s experience at Fishbein Orthodontics

We love Fishbein Orthodontics! These are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet and will always make you feel welcome. Love my smile!

Isabella H.

Mariah’s experience at Fishbein Orthodontics

I’ve gone to Fishbein Orthodontics for all of my orthodontic treatment. Everyone who works there is very competent, nice, and friendly. They’re the best.




5 Star Google Reviews

Skyler B Google profile image

“This has to be most professional, efficient and caring place of business I have been. The entire staff has a consistent smile on their face. I would highly recommend Fishbein Orthodontics to anyone”

Skyler B


Kyla Bearden Google profile image

“The best orthodontics in the world!! Made my smile perfect and we’re very friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! 500/5 stars!!”

Kyla Bearden


Christina McNeill Google profile image

“The Pace office is so conveniently located and always so clean! The staff are always so sweet and helpful! Will definitely be going back!”

Christina McNeill


Prank Star Google profile image

“Got my braces and I love them. Fishbein is an amazing place I definitely recommend it.”

Prank Star


Kris Sons Google profile image

“Fishbein is such a great place! The location, staff, and cleanliness are all amazing! I recommend Fishbein to anyone who needs braces! Everyone has been so helpful and gentle with my child. Thank you to our assistant Demetri for being so kind and patient with my little one.”

Kris Sons


Jacy Doria Google profile image

“Kasey helped and she was wonderful and helpful. Clean office with cute setup and wonderful staff. Kasey was beautiful inside and out !will tell everyone about fishbein !!!!”

Jacy Doria


Janae bennett Google profile image

“This is definitely the best place for any orthodontic needs! Alyx Adkins was extremely helpful with setting up appointments for MY convenience, and very supportive in finding a payment plan that suited me. I will always refer Fishbein!”

Janae bennett


Chris Jones Google profile image

“Everyone at the Pace location was wonderful and welcoming! Everything was explained to me in detail and I was “In and Out” in no time! Highly recommend this place!”

Chris Jones


Dom Comer Google profile image

“This is such an amazing place! They have the best staff ever! I recommend Fishbein to anyone in need of braces! Thanks Demetri for being such a great assistant!”

Dom Comer


Dan Man Google profile image

“Great place! Staff is super friendly! Cleanliness is excellent! I recommend this location to anyone in need of a good orthodontist! Thanks so much to my assistant Demetri for being so helpful and calming my nerves getting braces!”

Dan Man


Cali Scully Google profile image

“I can’t say enough about the incredible team at Fishbein Orthodontics. Not only are they incredibly friendly with an inviting office atmosphere but they are personable and professional during each visit. They go out of their way to be accommodating for each individual patient’s unique treatment plan. The personal touch and attention to detail throughout the entire process does not go unnoticed. I would thoroughly recommend the Fishbein Orthodontics team to anyone in need or considering their options for Orthodontists throughout Northwest Florida.”

Cali Scully


Whitney Turner Google profile image

“The doctors are great here! So happy to see my smile coming along nicely. I highly appreciate their attention to detail and consideration for what in particular I wanted to see with my smile. Great experience with this office!”

Whitney Turner


Austin starkie 14 Google profile image

“Fishbein Orthodontics is an awesome place to go! The staff is very nice and they treat you with their best work.”

Austin starkie 14


Nancy Kelley Google profile image

“I love the doctors and staff at this office. Everyone is so helpful and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic care.”

Nancy Kelley


James Robinson Google profile image

“I'll never go anywhere else. staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I was very nervous, but Dr. Fishbein and his crew made my visit absolutely stress free. They really took the time and effort to explain everything in a way that I could understand and they made me feel very comfortable and at home. It's refreshing to see a local business that still cares about the customer and puts their comfort and interest first. I never write reviews about places, but I felt obligated to write one about Fishbein because their service and quality of compassion and care was just simply unbelievable. A true 5 star business.”

James Robinson


KessBro Google profile image

“Yes, this is a great place to go, they're always polite and helpful and provide great service. I know they aren't just out for the money because my insurance covered the braces for a certain amount of time/up to a certain amount of money but the braces came off sooner (leaving a surplus they could have used by leaving the braces on for 6 more months). Here are my complaints, it's too loud with the music and all the construction. I get the construction can't be helped, but with the music and everything else, you can barely hear anything. Lastly, how is it that every single employee is a pretty, young female? EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. There is NO way that is a coincidence. Where are the men (besides Dr Fishbein) or the older and/or less attractive women? It almost makes me want to go elsewhere and if they weren't as good as they are, I would. I am sure you wouldn't hire someone just because they were a pretty young woman, but would you NOT hire someone because they weren't? I think yes :/”



Evan Stenerson Google profile image

“Great atmosphere and a wonderful staff to interact with. Everyone is all smiles, no pun intended, and I really could not recommend a better orthodontics location! Thanks for making my experience and teeth so great”

Evan Stenerson


Danielle Floyd Google profile image

“Great staff and service! Tiffany Floyd is very knowledgeable, and definitely an asset to the staff. Also very helpful :)”

Danielle Floyd


Don Kelsch Google profile image

“Great place! Great staff! Everything was perfect! I recommend Fishbein to anyone in need of braces! My assistant Demetri was very kind and helpful!”

Don Kelsch


TЯ-Cuban_Ciga R Google profile image

“Such a great place! I’ve truly enjoyed my time here! The staff is friendly and amazing! I recommend Fishbein to anyone! Thanks so much to my assistant Demetri for making everything so comfortable for me!”

TЯ-Cuban_Ciga R


Sheila G Google profile image

“Excellent place to get your braces. Dr. Fishbein made me feel comfortable about my decision to better my smile. This has to be most professional, efficient and caring place of business I have been. The entire staff has a consistent smile on their face. I would highly recommend Fishbein Orthodontics to anyone.”

Sheila G


Haley Myers Google profile image

“Fishbein is by far the best place i have ever worked. The doctors are the most genuine people. There compassion for there employees and patients are truly one of a kind.”

Haley Myers


Savvy Google profile image

“Super friendly staff, Kyla was her name that helped me. Really friendly and was very attentive; definitely recommend visiting Fishbein!!”



Jamal Harris Google profile image

“This office is so polite. I had a great visit with a young man named Demetrius. I solute young men that achieve success in life! It’s a really nice office and very clean. Great place to get braces!”

Jamal Harris


Naomi Anderson Google profile image

“We love Fishbein Orthodontics's. Great service and extremely professional staff. They go above and beyond to make not only the patient comfortable, but the parents as well. I highly recommend them for any of your Orthodontic needs.”

Naomi Anderson