No, You Can’t Pick Up Radio Signs With Your Braces: 5 Myths Debunked

There are plenty of myths that circulate around braces. People tend to draw conclusions and feel apprehensive about the unknown. It’s only natural! Some braces myths are fun, but others can be wrongfully discouraging for people who are on the fence about braces.

We’re here to spread the truth about braces, so you can be excited to start treatment, not fearful!

Myth #1 Braces can pick up radio signals.

Can braces pick up radio signals? In short, no they can’t. Here’s why:

Interestingly enough, the idea that braces can pick up radio signals has been around for more than 100 years! This myth initially started with dental work, specifically metal fillings in the teeth.
There are cases where people have stated that they hear talk radio or soft music in their head after getting fillings. One person even reported that they could shut it off by placing their tongue over the dental cap! (Times Herald-Record)

As cool as they are, these stories refer to fillings, not braces. This is one of the more harmless myths about braces, because who wouldn’t want a radio built into their smile?! Having all of your favorite songs at the touch of a bracket? Sounds pretty convenient.

But fortunately (or unfortunately, however you look at it) braces cannot pick up radio signals. Although your rubber band hooks may resemble antennas slightly, the only way you’ll blare music from your mouth is if you belt it out yourself.

Myth #2 Braces are magnetic.

Our team of experienced orthodontists will help you create a magnetic smile—but it has nothing to do with the metal in your braces. All modern braces are made from composite alloys that do not have any magnetic properties.

This myth about braces is easy to debunk, because you can test it yourself! Try bringing a fridge magnet close to your smile; do you feel a magnetic pull?

Myth #3 Braces can set off metal detectors.

The short answer to whether braces will set off a metal detector is fortunately no! Braces need to be lightweight and comfortable for you to wear, so the metal content is kept to a minimum. You’re all cleared for TSA.

Airport metal detectors are calibrated to detect much higher volumes of metal than what is present in your braces. If braces set off airport metal detectors, security personnel wouldn’t be able to keep up!

Myth #4 You need to wear metal braces to get straight teeth.

Not true! While traditional braces are a great option for anyone, we understand that they’re not for everyone. Everyone has different preferences! That’s why we offer Invisalign® clear aligners and incognito (lingual) braces as alternatives to traditional braces.

Invisalign uses a series of custom-made, high-quality clear aligners that you can remove as needed throughout your treatment, then place them back in; they aren’t bonded to your teeth like braces.

With Incognito braces, your brackets are bonded to the back tongue-side surfaces of your teeth. That means when you’re smiling, nobody can see your braces! We offer these unique treatments, incognito braces and Invisalign, because they allow for a more convenient treatment experience.

Myth #5 Braces are only for children.

The truth about braces is that it’s never too late to start loving your smile. It’s true that orthodontic treatment can be more efficient on younger patients, because their teeth and jaw bones are still developing. With early orthodontic treatment, braces or Invisalign can work alongside your child’s natural development.

Orthodontic treatment is still effective for adults, though! Whichever age you are when you decide to get the smile of your dreams is the perfect age to begin treatment. Undergoing treatment for one year (or less) is worth the decades of confident smiles you’ll experience after treatment.

The Truth About Braces

So, there you have it. If you’ve been worried about getting braces because of a few misconceived myths, then we hope these truths have helped to ease your concerns!

Ready to discover the truth about braces?

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