Fishbein Sponsorships

Information Regarding Requests For Contributions From Fishbein Orthodontics

We have been proud to sponsor many activities, teams, bands, yearbooks, etc. over the years. However, due to the numerous requests we receive each year for support of various activities, the following guidelines have been established:


1) We will only contribute to an organization or group; individual donation request or ticket purchases cannot be considered.
2) For tax purposes, the sponsorship MUST include the practice name in some form of publication and/or advertising plus an Fishbein Orthodontics website link included on the organization’s website.
3) Requests must include specifics as to the nature of the organization, the amount requested, and any time limits for the request.
4) Requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the deadline date. (Please be sure to include the due date and the name to whom the check should be written.)
5) Due to the large number of requests, donations that qualify will typically range from $50 - $75.
6) Due to the large number of requests, it is preferred that only patients of our practice qualify for sponsorships.

We would love to be able to donate to every team, school, and organization, but unfortunately we cannot. Contact or call 850-477-1089 for sponsorship inquiries.