Fishbein Orthodontics holds In-Office Course to Teach Orthodontists

2.8 2018

This past January, Fishbein Orthodontics hosted more than 60 orthodontists and team members at their inaugural in-office course called Fishbein Fundamentals.  Orthodontists and team members from all across the US and Canada were in attendance to learn from the Fishbein Orthodontics Team.

Fishbein Fundamentals

This sold-out 1.5 day course covered all aspects of orthodontics including clinical efficiency, practice management, and most importantly creating a great experience for patients!  The course took place in Pensacola Beach at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel as well as the Fishbein Orthodontics' offices.  

Our Next Course

The next Fishbein Fundamentals course will take place September 7-8 in Pensacola Beach at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel.  More information and registration is available at